How To Use - ActiveWrap Heat and Ice Wrap

How To Heat Your ActiveWrap Heat and Ice Pack

In this video, we demonstrate the proper way to microwave our reusable heat and ice packs using a 1200watt microwave.The container used in the video is your standard microwave safe reusable container. Follow this process and reheat in 10 sec intervals

How To Use The DLP For Controlling Your Cold Therapy

In this video we demonstrate the new DLP design. Simply by sliding the ice pack in the bottom pocket the

user can control and temper the cold therapy by an average of 5 degrees. This improves compliance without

decreasing effectiveness. No dials or complex gadgets...just a simple solution to an age old problem.

* Please note once you have your pack set up inside your pouch there is no need to take it in or out for cold therapy. Simply place in freezer pouch and all for easy use. The only time you need to move the pack in and out of the pouch is for heating or for quicker freeze times. This will prolong the life of your pouch.

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“"ActiveWrap played an important role in muscle recovery as well as pain relief for my elbow injury during my training regime toward Olympic Gold"”

Carly Patterson- USA Gold Medal Gymnast