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ActiveWrap Back Heat & Ice Wrap| Reduce Back Pain and Swelling

The ActiveWrap® Back heat & ice wrap features extreme comfort, and adjustment.  Complete with a specially formulated non-migrating 7" x 10" hot & cold pack and a soft body hugging back wrap. This back pain modality features Active Medical Plush™ fabrication to lock in the body's natural warmth when used for soothing heat therapy, while insulating and keeping the cold in during cold therapy applications.  Ventilated side panels ensure comfort during long duration use.  The ActiveWrap® Back Ice Wrap | Back Heat Wrap demonstrates superior quality compared to typical back ice wraps or foam fabric ice wraps. This is a low profile wrap that can be worn (without the ice pack) under clothing and during sport, such as golfing etc.  This is not a rigid or stiff back support.

Choose the ActiveWrap Back Heat and Ice Wrap with an additional large hot/cold pack in the drop down menu (Item bawb008c, bawb009c or bawb010c).  This will give you a designated pad for heat and a pad for cold use, which is ideal for hours of continuous relief.  These quality pads are unlike anything on the market utilizing our non-migrating composition (See ActiveWrap® Advantage) and our new DLP design. 


Complete back pain therapy system includes:  ActiveWrap back compression wrap, 1 Large 7" x 10" hot & cold pack, protective nylon cover, and drawstring storage bag. * New XL features a 13.5 x 9" hot and cold pack for increased coverage

Available in:


  Xs - Md 


 Waist 34" and under  (complete with  7"x10" pack)

  Lg - XL  


 Waist 34"-50"  ( complete with 7"x10" pack)

  * NEW XL plus      


 Waist 36"-54". (Extended coverage w/ Larger 13.5" x 9" pack)

Product Specifications:

Xs - Md Support Measurements - 40" x 7.5" wide (at center back)

Lg-XL Support Measurements    -  46" x 7.5" wide (at center back)

"New" XL Plus Support Measurements - 52" x 9.5" wide (at center back)



To reduce back pain and swelling in an easy comfortable method at home or in the clinic.

Lumbar Sprains - Back Muscle Strains - Thoracic Sprains - Strains - SI Joint Discomfort - Post Surgical Disc Injuries - Sciatica - Piriformis Syndrome - General Back Muscle Soreness - Back Spasms & Stiffness - Arthritis - Pregnancy Support - Menstrual Discomfort - Postural Awareness. 


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How To Heat and How To Cool Your ActiveWrap Packs

For Cold Therapy Use:

Place ActiveWrap thermal packs flat in freezer with nylon pouch for minimum 2 hrs before using (small packs) or 4 hours for large size packs. When ready to use remove from freezer and let stand for several minutes prior to use. Ice down for max of 15 minutes per treatment. Extended time does not equal better results. * You only have to remove the pack from the nylon sleeve for heating otherwise simply toss in the freezer pouch and all for total conveinence.

*If you are using our ActiveWrap Knee,Shoulder, Hip, or Back Wraps these models are equipped with our new D.L.P. design. You can increase or decrease the heat/cold intensity by simply slipping your pack behind the D.L.P. divider located inside every pouch (See image below for detail) .

Sensitive skin individuals and/or elderly patients should opt to ice with a thin paper towel or fabric between skin and the pouch. Also if you are icing an area that is typically leaner on skin, muscle, or fat tissue, use additional caution and take care not to lean your body weight against the pack during use for prolonged periods of time.

For Heat Therapy Use (see video below):

Heating The ActiveWrap® Heat and Ice Pack


Remove pack from nylon sleeve and immerse in a shallow microwave safe container filled with warm/hot water (enough to cover the pack). Small Packs- Heat for  30 seconds (1200watt microwave) until pack achieves warm temperature.  Reheat in 10 sec intervals and repeat up to 1.5 min max.

Large packs heat 45 seconds in microwaves of 1200w or higher. Reheat in 10 sec intervals to achieve desired temp up to a max of 1.5 minutes.

Pack DOES NOT need to be extremely hot in order to be effective as it works in conjunction with wrap and body heat. Upon removing from microwave, empty hot water out and test pack for heat following all precautions as per each pack. Since microwaves vary, more or less time  may be required to heat to desired temperature. Increase or decrease in intervals of  10 seconds.  

Moist Heat Option- add a folded wet paper towel and insert into pouch between nylon and the pack. When using the DLP this is a nice feature as you can slip the paper towel in the top slot closest to skin and slip a heat pack underneath the moist towel in the bottom slot.

Non-Microwave Alternatives- Place packs (without the nylon cover) in hot water for 7-8 minutes time. Do not heat over an open flame or boil. Remove from water, test heat and insert into nylon pouches.

Note:  Overheating pack will  reduce the lifespan of the product. Replace ActiveWrap® packs every 2-3 years depending on usage. All Items available through

The ActiveWrap® DLP Design.

Slide pack behind divider for less cold or place in front for more cold. Pack is then tucked neatly away under the envelope fold. The DLP design provides up

to a 5 degree F variance. (* DLP is currently not available in Wrist,Foot or Elbow models but coming soon).