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Patented Heat & Ice Wraps Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997

Heat | Ice Pack XL Size FSA/HSA Eligible



This Extra Large Size Hot Cold Gel Pack compliments any size ActiveWrap® listed below:



 XL Plus Back Model.

 Lg/XL or XXL Knee Wrap for 360 degree coverage with one pack.

Virtual leak proof extra large ice pack.  

Our unique "No Flow" heat and ice pack delivers the smoothest heat | ice treatment on the market. This extra large heat pack is unexpectedly soft when frozen, and always flexible. Use in the microwave, hot water, or freeze this large ice pack in the freezer to give you total versatility of cold therapy or heat therapy. Our elastic, stretchy formula eliminates bare spots, dripping mess, and dials you up a lighter weight  more uniform treatment every time. As with all our items, we offer a full one year warranty on our extra-large reusable ice packs. 


Size: 13.5" x 9". Approx 2 lbs of soothing therapy relief. Our extra-large ice packs are sold with DLP nylon pouch cover as shown.


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