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Reusable Heat & Ice Wraps | Ice Packs Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997

ActiveWrap® BACK Heat | Ice Wrap & Pack for Lumbar Pain (Sciatica Pain Relief)



The Best Back Pain Relief Wrap

ActiveWrap Back Heat & Ice Pack | Reduce Back Pain and Swelling.

  • BUILT FOR COMFORT, EASY SELF-APPLICATION AND MOBILITY - Ease lower back pain, back strains and back spasms ask while staying mobile with this back ice pack.
  • Modular Heat|Ice Pack Design For Uninterrupted Relief-This ice wrap is designed with patented adjustable heat|ice pad that drives the heat/ice deep into the surrounding back area for fast-acting back pain relief. Modular packs allow for quick rotation/cycling of heat and ice.
  • ALL-IN-ONE BACK WRAP - Use the lower back ice pack for hot & cold therapies and compression. Our no flow reusable ice pack completely contours the body when frozen, giving optimal coverage around your spine and back. The wrap around ice pack has a dual pocket to easily control and adjust the desired temperature and shield your skin.
  • STAYS COLDER LONGER - The ActiveWrap® ice pack back wrap has a leak-proof proprietary flex gel that doesn't spread or push away while in use. So, the target painful area gets a more consistent therapeutic temperature. Pack also provides the dual benefit of heat therapy through the use of microwave or hot water heating.
  • LOW PROFILE BACK SUPPORT - Our ice pack for back comes in 3 sizes to contour and fit your body type correctly. You can position the ice gel pack vertically or horizontally to cover various areas of the back.
  • DESIGNED BY PHYSICAL THERAPY PROFESSIONALS - This cold pack|heat pad wrap for back delivers a conforming, custom fit. The combination of our wrap and ice pack drives cold deep with maximum skin contact for maximum back relief.
  • 25 Years of Trusted Results By Top Hospitals- We dont pay for endorsements, we earn them from respected professionals...medical professionals, the ones that know.
  • FSA|HSA eligible products

 The All-in-1 ActiveWrap® Heated Back Wrap/Ice Pack features extreme comfort and natural back pain relief. This hot |cold back wrap comes complete with a large reusable heat and ice pack and a soft body hugging back support wrap. The ActiveWrap® ice and heat wrap for back pain features  Medical Plush™ fabric to lock in the body's natural warmth when used for soothing heat therapy, while insulating and keeping the cold in during cold therapy applications. The ActiveWrap® Back Ice Wrap | Back Heat Wrap demonstrates superior quality compared to typical back ice wraps or foam fabric ice wraps. This is a low profile ice and heat wrap for back pain that can be used as mild back support when worn (without the ice pack) under clothing and during sport, such as golfing etc. Our back ice wrap is not like other stiff, uncomfortable, and rigid back supports.

Our back ice pack system comes with different options for optimal back pain relief. Choose the ActiveWrap® Heat and Ice Pack for back pain with a bonus large hot|cold pack in the drop down menu (Item bawb008c, bawb009c or bawb010c). This gives you a designated pad for heat and ice, which is ideal for hours of back pain relief. Our extra large ice packs for back pain are unlike anything on the market utilizing our "No Flow" composition (See ActiveWrap® Advantage) and our new DLP design.

Complete back pain relief system includes:  ActiveWrap® Sm-Md and Lg sizes come with: 1 Lg 7" x 10" hot & cold pack . XXL Back Ice Pack features a 13.5" x 9" extra-large ice pack for increased coverage. * Please note video above shows a drawstring bag that is no longer available with product.

ActiveWrap Back Size Chart

Product Specifications:

Sm - Md Support - 35" x 7.5" wide (at center back)

Lg-XL Support -  44" x 7.5" wide (at center back)

XXL Plus Support - 52" x 9.5" wide (at center back)

 Hot Cold Back Wrap Applications:

ActiveWrap® back ice packs reduce back pain and swelling in an easy comfortable method at home or in the clinic.

Our heat ice packs for back pain are great for: Lumbar Sprains - Back Muscle Strains - Thoracic Sprains - Strains - SI Joint Discomfort - Post Surgical Disc Injuries - Sciatica - Piriformis Syndrome - General Back Muscle Soreness - Back Spasms & Stiffness - Arthritis - Pregnancy Support - Menstrual Discomfort - Postural Awareness- Rib Injuries.

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