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Hip Injuries-Hip Flexor Pain? Tip On How To Treat Hip Tendonitis

Posted on October 30 2022

Hip Flexors are a group of muscles and tendons that travel across the hip joint and attach the femur to the lower spine and pelvis. Like, all muscles and tendons, the hip flexors are subjected to their share of injury. In most cases, hip flexor pain is due either to A) An acute strain that typically occurs when muscles and tendons are stretched beyond normal limits or torn or B) Hip Flexor Tendonititis which is inflammation typically caused by overuse or repetitive stress. Running, Cycling, Skating without rest days.

Hip Flexor Injury- Hip Pain

Symptoms of Hip Flexor Injury

Hip flexor pain usually presents itself as soreness or aching in the groin area. If there is tightness and swelling a popping sensation can occur as well. Typical aggravators of a hip flexor injury include:

Bending at the waist

Walking or Climbing Stairs

Lifting Knee To Chest 

Hip Flexion, Yoga Pose, ActiveWrap


Lower body centric athletes are all high candidates for hip flexor injury. From ice hockey players and runners to baseball and football players. The trunk area is the powerhouse, the driver for many explosive athletes so it’s easy to see why the hip flexors can stretch or tear. It also doesn’t have to be high impact activity as sports such as golf, swimming and and cycling yield their lion’s share of hip injuries.

Ice Hockey Edgwork, Skating, Hip Flexion


The usual routine of warm-up, stretching and foam rolling can all help reduce risk especially in individuals that are already wound tight in the core or have muscular imbalances in the pelvic/trunk musculature. A few sample hip stretching videos are found below.


Rest from any aggravation for several days post injury, using periodic cold therapy bouts of 15 minutes a session (shop ActiveWrap Hip Wrap here) e for pain relief and (if needed as per your recommendation of your MD) incorporate an anti-inflammatory regime albeit natural or Iburprofren. Consult a licensed physical therapist to start a rehabilitation program to gradually build back R.O.M. and strength in the hip.