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Patented Heat & Ice Wraps Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997

ActiveWrap® Knee Heat and Ice Wrap | Packs (All-in-One)

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ActiveWrap Knee Ice Wrap- Self Application Video from ActiveWrap on Vimeo.


The ActiveWrap® Knee Ice Pack/Wrap | Knee Heat Pack/Wrap provides heat, ice, with compress therapy in a secure fitting, all-in-one, no mess compression knee wrap. A simple way to reduce knee pain relief without having to rely on opiod pain medications. 

  • ✔️BUILT FOR COMFORT, EASY SELF-APPLICATION AND MOBILITY - Ease your knee pain, swelling and injury while staying mobile with our knee ice pack wrap. This knee compress with two modular ice packs is designed to conform and drive the heat/ice deep into the surrounding knee for fast-acting relief. Whether its 360 degree coverage or one pack over the patella tendon we can do it all!
  • ✔️ALL-IN-ONE KNEE WRAP - Use the ActiveWrap® knee wrap for ice/heat therapy with compression. Our ice packs stay totally soft when frozen, giving optimal coverage around your knee. The ice pack for knees also has dual pockets to easily control and adjust the desired temperature and shield your skin.
  • ✔️STAYS COLDER LONGER - A pack should deliver a solid 15 min of cold therapy per application..most on the market fail. ActiveWrap® provides 2-3x that on a single freeze. The 2 knee ice packs have a leak-proof proprietary flex gel that doesn't spread or push away while in use. So, the target area gets a more consistent therapeutic temperature. Packs also provide the dual benefit of heat therapy through the use of microwave or hot water heating.
  • ✔️LEFT AND RIGHT KNEE SUPPORT - The knees wrap has a universal fit and ergonomic design that fits either knee. This ice sleeve knee wrap is available in Small/Medium (thigh circumference under 18 inches) and Large/X-Large (thigh circumference from 18 to 25 inches).
  • ✔️DESIGNED BY PHYSICAL THERAPY PROFESSIONALS - This knee ice pack delivers a conforming, custom fit for various body types. The combination of our wrap and ice packs drives cold deep with maximum skin contact for maximum knee relief.
  • ✔️BETTER COMFORT - We understand patients and compliance is key. If its easy and comfortable to use we can achieve better healthcare outcomes. Not rocket science just smart.


Patented Design Trusted by Top Hospitals & Professionals Since 1997

ActiveWraps unique "no flow" heat and ice packs can be adjusted-positioned-secured anywhere inside the knee wrap for targeted knee pain relief. Rather than using a watery chemical based gel, instant ice pack or other material that will push away from your injury, ActiveWrap® reusable ice packs use a lightweight, cohesive gummy like composition, without any harmful chemicals. They are constantly reviewed as the best ice pack for injuries.

This knee ice pack is FDA registered. FSA | HSA Eligible

Uninterrupted Pain Relief With Modular Ice Pack Design

Most cryotherapy applications call for only one pack during a treatment, leaving you with an extra ice pack ready to go to in a continuous cycle.  Looking for continuous cold treatments and total convenience? Make sure to grab an extra set of LARGE ice packs (item: Heat/ Ice Packs LG Size) at checkout.  Designed by physical therapy professionals.  It truly is an all-in-one therapy solution for knee and leg pain.

Our heated knee wraps are exceptional for:  Preventing joint & muscle inflammation as well as decreasing knee pain. ActiveWrap® is recommended for  knee sprains, knee strains, swelling, post knee surgery, arthritis, hamstring tears, shin splints and more. Save hundreds of dollars using ActiveWrap® in the hospital after your procedure in place of overpriced cooler systems that leak and are a hassle to use.

ActiveWrap® reusable ice packs for knees are great for athletes that are involved in activities that put extra impact on the knees. These activities include but not limited to runners, basketball players, hockey players ,soccer players, volleyball players crossfit athletes, spartan racers etc. All hot and cold knee wrap systems include high quality compress wrap and two or four LARGE reusable ice packs. Size chart measured 3 inches above the knee (shown on shins as it treats all aspects of leg top to bottom.


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