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Patented Heat & Ice Wraps Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997

For over 20 years, ActiveWrap® has manufactured patented heat and ice packs/ice wraps for pain relief. Our physical therapy ice packs are designed and trusted by physical therapists with a patient first approach. ActiveWrap® specializes in ice wrap designs that are reusable, versatile, and built for everyday professional use. ActiveWrap’s flagship foot and ankle ice pack quickly became the gold standard in cold compression therapy. From that quality premise, hot and cold wraps were then designed to treat ailments such as: shoulder pain and rotator cuff pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel pain, heel spurs, tennis elbow, low back pain and hip pain to name just a few. Our reusable heat and ice packs have helped patients worldwide find pain relief in an easy, self-application system. All of our physical therapy ice packs are registered with the FDA.  ActiveWrap® heat & ice packs are soft and lightweight when frozen. ActiveWrap® ice packs and heat wraps are leak-proof and 100% guaranteed. Our long duration hospital cold therapy packs are cost-effective and the longest lasting in the industry. ActiveWrap® physical therapy ice packs target your exact areas of swelling and discomfort at a price that puts quality healthcare within reach for all who need it.