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Ice Packs/Ice Wraps- More Effective Than You Think For Recovering From Injuries.

Posted on October 01 2022



Chill before you give swelling a bad name. I like to say, "You are on your way to get "well" with a moderate degree of swell." That's right swelling is good, in moderation, much like most things in life. It's actually your body's natural response to recovery. The action of white blood cells rushing to the injured site, pooling around the injured tissue to promote repair.

So why then would you ice an injured area and slow down the healing process or swelling? Well, that's not exactly the full function of ice therapy. We use ice packs to block pain receptors, reduce muscle spasms, and reduce pain naturally.  The sooner we can reduce pain and get to functional R.O.M. (within normal limits), the sooner the recovery kicks into gear. The action of being immobilized (unless the limb is broken) usually delays the body's natural recovery. Using potentially addictive narcotics, NSAIDS that can be dangerous to gut health and even other OTC pain meds also can delay recovery.

Using an ActiveWrap ice wrap has the following benefits to traditional ice packs, ice massage or other topical cooling products:

  1. ActiveWrap Ice Wraps provides compression and cold to reduce pain
  2. ActiveWrap Ice Wraps allow important freedom of movement, range of motion, ambulation, and other movements for  an ideal rehab combination.  
  3. ActiveWrap Ice Packs can be used for both heat and ice to provide alternating contrast treatments that can further promote circulation and pump increased nutrients for repair to the injured site.

Hospital patients and injured individuals at home can wear an ActiveWrap hip ice wrap immediately post surgery and walk with it while wearing at the same time.

The same can be done post knee surgery with the ActiveWrap Knee Ice Wrap. Patients and nurses can customize how many ice packs they want inside a wrap and exactly where they want to position the ice pack for pain relief and maximum comfort all while moving. You can make ActiveWrap lightweight for elderly patients or opt to max out the ice wrap for full coverage for those not needing to walk with the wrap on.

So, if you are in pain, we recommend giving:

  • The natural 
  • Non Prescription Pain Med,
  • Inexpensive
  • No mess
  • Quick & Easy to use
  • Reusable
route a try with ActiveWrap Ice Wraps and Ice Packs. More effective than you think when it comes to assisting you on the road to injury recovery. Ice up!