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Reusable Heat & Ice Wraps | Ice Packs Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997

Long Duration Ice Pack-*Hospital Ice Pack " -Size 10"x10" (For Hip)



ActiveWrap® Super Long Duration Cold Pack-  The Cost Effective Pain Relief Solution For Post Surgical Hip Pain.

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Over 4 plus hours of Ice Cold Pain Relief With Flexibility!

Tested longest lasting ice pack out of several top selling competitors.

Extended time duration ice pack designed to stay cold, flexible and comfortable for well over 4 hours on a single freeze! THE cost-effective solution to cryotherapy pump systems, ice machines, or other over-priced complex devices used for cryotherapy pain management.

Through the use of the ActiveWrap®quick change ice pack rotation, hospitals and patients can achieve natural effective pain relief reducing the use of dangerous pain medications and the hefty price tag of previous cold therapy solutions. No need to rent or purchase an ice machine when you will own an ActiveWrap® for a fraction of the price. Bring your ActiveWrap along with you to your next knee surgery/knee arthroscopy and see your hospital insurance bill decrease.

*This 10x10 size ice pack is designed to compliment the ActiveWrap® HIP Ice Wrap Systems. They may also be used in our knee and back wraps.

PRO TIP- Order 1 post-op ice pack and one ActiveWrap® "No Flow" ice pack. Both can be used perfectly in our hip, knee and back wraps. Use the Post-op "long duration" ice pack for immediate pain relief following surgery or for extended cold needs.

*This cold pack is designed for use over post surgical bandages. Then switch over to our "No Flow" ice pack here after bandages are removed for a lightweight heat & ice pack to use at home.

Sold as shown- One Ice Pack and One Thermal Control Cover. All ActiveWrap® Ice Pack Pouches and Wraps are treated with Microban Anti-Microbial to kill up to 99% bacteria and odor. 

*4hr cooling duration based on normal use conditions used at room temperature. Times may exceed or vary depending on external factors and body temperature at application.

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