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Reusable Heat & Ice Wraps | Ice Packs Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997




SHOULDER ICE WRAP : ActiveWrap's Sm-MD shoulder ice wrap is the popular choice for youth, women and small frame individuals. The main difference is in the arm sleeve opening and the shorter adjustable chest strap with this model. If you happen to be a smaller frame bodybuilder with large arms please opt for our LG-XL size to accomodate your build.  For most adults the best choice is the Lg-XL size for versatility. We can customize any shoulder by adding a smaller or larger chest strap to your order.

FOOT AND ANKLE HEAT ICE WRAP: - ActiveWrap® Foot and Ankle Ice Wrap can hold 2-3 packs comfortably in a wrap. Often times only one pack is needed during treatments (such as Achilles or Sever's Disease injuries) allowing you more size flexibility and the freedom to cycle extra packs in and out of the wrap for additional treatments. This allows for ice that is always ready without the wait for re–freezing. Support can be worn to increase warmth and circulation to the joint without thermal inserts.

Sizing Measurements

• Small/Md Mens 3 to 10; Wmns 3-11

• Large/XL Mens 10 and up;Wmns 11 and up

KNEE HEAT ICE WRAP: In general, we recommend our Lg/Xl wrap as it is all plush and very accommodating. It has a bit longer straps which are great to spiral/wrap around and apply compression.  If you are a youth or super petite (under 120lbs) then we recommend a Sm/Md Size. Regardless of size, the included ice packs  are the same 7" x 10" inch size. You can fit 2 7" x 10" packs in a wrap or you can also choose to place a single 10" x10" pack or 13" x10" pack in your knee wrap. The Knee can accommodate many options. You can also add the XL 53" compression strap for more pressure if you prefer.

WRIST/HAND HEAT ICE WRAP: Our wrist/hand wrap is a universal one size fits most wrap. It can be used either left or right hand. The design is optimally applied with one therapy pack during a given treatment however you can utilize 2 with one pack on top and one on bottom if desired. The wrist support is an effective ergonomic aid for cpu activities when one pad is placed under the palmar surface of the hand. Use without thermal inserts for continuous heat retention to the joint. This wrap is great for Carpal Tunnel Applications

BACK HEAT ICE WRAP :  The XS- MD size fits young adults all the way up to an adult waist of 34".  The Lg -XL is built for adult waists 35" up to 54". The product holds one large 7 x 10" hot/cold pack and can be worn for mild to moderate support around abdominal and low back areas.  The XL back covers more surface area with a 13.5' x10" pack

ELBOW HEAT ICE WRAP: The Xs-Sm Elbow Heat and Ice Wrap is for petite/small  elbows and designed to deliver a low profile treatment usually unavailable to smaller limbs. The Md-Lg size is our most popular size for average size adult arms. The Xl is designed for individuals with big arms/biceps.

HIP ICE WRAP | HIP HEAT WRAP: This is a one size fits most. You have an optional leg strap to secure pack when walking and an optional waist extender strap as well (both included). These straps can also fasten together to make one large strap for waist or leg comfort.


What is Cryotherapy and the benefits of using a cold pack on injury- Answer: Practice of using cold therapy to aid in recovery. Ice is used immediately after injury to prevent swelling and pain. It reduces pain and inflammation,limits scar tissue and decreases muscle contraction. Cold therapy reduces blood flow to the area which reduces bruising. When the involved area is reduced in temperature to around 60-61 degrees Fahrenheit  nerve conduction is reduced resulting in a pain relief affect.

How long should I use cold therapy for? Answer: Up to 72 hours post injury and you can ice up to 3-4 daily until the pain,swelling, throbbing subside.

Can I walk with my ActiveWrap Foot Wrap? Answer: YES…around the house. Simply remove the pouch underneath the arch and you have full flexibility of movement during treatment for Ankle, Achilles or injuries to the top side of the foot. Our knee/leg wrap also allows freedom of basic movement without slipping but is not designed for use during a workout.

Can I walk with my ActiveWrap Hip Wrap? Answer: YES...the ActiveWrap Hip Ice Wrap excels at allowing you to walk and move freely while wearing....from the bed to the bathroom or anywhere else you need to move. Unlike ice machines with hoses, cords and coolers our ice packs and wraps keep you moving.

How long do the ice packs stay cold ? Answer: ActiveWrap® standard hot/cold packs are designed to keep the optimally desired cold at the foot (between 40 to 50 degrees) for over 20' mintues when applied.  The standard recommended treatment time is 15'. ActiveWrap® Post-Op Long Duration packs stay cold from 2-6 hrs depending on size. These are designed to be used over gowns and bandages when needed (never bare skin). The Long Duration Ice Packs are made to keep cool and return to the freezer cool for faster and more effective rotation. 

How long do the packs stay warm?  Small packs retain their warmth about 20 minutes however the benefits continue long past this when used inside our thermal heat retaining compress. Our compress locks in the packs warmth for another full 20 minutes minimum after. Our large hot and cold therapy packs provide up to 40 minutes of warmth.

How long do my ActiveWrap Ice Packs last? Typically under every day clinical use 2-3 years before we recommend replacing the hot and cold therapy packs. If the pack starts to get a bit crunchy or air inside that is a good indicator to replace.

What is the difference with your ice packs compared to basic drugstore ice packs? Answer: ActiveWrap® ice packs are uniquely manufactured to prevent "gel migration." This means that the gel material in our hot and cold therapy packs is elastic or rubbery by nature and can not be pushed or flattened from one side to the other. If you imagine a tube of toothpaste being pushed from the bottom up, this is how traditional gel packs have reacted under pressure. ActiveWrap® ice packs deliver a uniform blanketing treatment when used for both heat and or ice therapy. No bare spots...a big difference. 

Are the products Non-Toxic? Yes all ActiveWrap® hot and cold therapy products are made with a food grade gel and registered with the FDA. 

How do I HEAT my ActiveWrap® packs? Remove from the nylon pouch and place in a shallow microwave container. Fill the container just enough to cover the pack and follow the time instructions located on the actual pack (see image below). Small packs typically heat in 1-1.5 minutes and our Large packs range from 1.5 - 2 minutes time. Upon removing from microwave, empty hot water out and test pack for heat following all precautions as per each pack.

Are ActiveWrap's designed for use during activity? Answer: ActiveWrap® is designed for before and after sport or therapy. However, our BACK wrap can be used during activity and as a lightweight compression support around the back.

Is there any kind of warranty? Answer:YES. The ActiveWrap® PAIN FREE WARRANTY. All items are complete with a full one year warranty. The best in the business.

How do I clean my wrap? Answer: A simple fresh water rinse and hang dry will keep your wrap clean for years to come. In the hospital setting, simple purple wipes work great. Always wipe condensation off of pack before returning to freezer. Do not use bleach or place wraps in dryer.

I use ice cubes and an elastic wrap in the gym…why should we use ActiveWrap? Answer: Why did we switch from horse drawn carriages to automobiles? Modern materials and efficiency. Ice is often hard and sharp resulting in discomfort when compressed against the skin. This leads to an individual having to reduce the pressure of wrapping the joint to tolerate a typical treatment. The ActiveWrap® allows for a snug–fit combining maximum compression and direct cold coverage to any painful area. ActiveWrap® is easy to apply for any age athlete and will save your facility money in the long term with countless re-usable applications. Ice bags tear and cost money along with the elastic wraps or plastic that is used to secure the ice to the body. Gym facilities will further reduce the chance of dripping water on the floor reducing liability risks within the gym by using ActiveWrap® hot and cold therapy.

Tips for using hot and cold therapy

Dont wait for an injury to incorporate ice into your training routine. Prevent overuse and typical inflammatory injuries by icing down after each workout for 15 minutes. Your cool down phase of training is just as important as a proper warm–up. Do not sleep with an ice pack on your body. Hot and Cold therapy and use of ActiveWrap® should be no longer than 15' at a time unless otherwise directed during professional supervision. Do not lay directly as to apply your body weight on an ice pack. Ice during travel by keeping an ice pack or two at the gym and a couple at home.  If you use the ice and cold therapy alot, it is a good idea to give your skin a rest from time to time to prevent any chance of skin irritation. A thin paper towel is always good between cold and direct skin contact.