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Active Wrap Ice and Heat Compression Wraps

Posted on October 04 2012

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Active Wrap Ice and Heat Compression Wraps

Injury is part of the package when it comes to running. If you speak to any experienced runner then they will more than likely have spent at least some time recovering from one of the many ailments that plagues the sport such as stress fractures, tendon damage or shin splints.

Cross training, gym work, rest sessions and running on soft surfaces all play their part in guarding against injury, but when those twists and twinges do occur then often ice is one of the best treatments for reducing swelling and speeding up recovery.

ActiveWrap hot cold therapy wraps have been developed to offer targeted hot and cold therapy treatment to the area where you need it most. No more do you have to struggle with ice packs or frozen peas to cover the area of swelling as the wraps conform to your joint contours which means that it is easy to apply both compression and hot or cold treatment to the area of swelling or pain without struggling to keep any ice or heat pads in place.

ActiveWrap hot cold therapy wraps are available for all of the major joints and can be used to apply both hot and cold treatments to the damaged area of the joint.

Our ankle pain relief products are perfect for applying ice to a twisted or tender ankle – which is an all too common injury that runners suffer from during cross country or trail running.

ActiveWrap Ankle Pain Relief System

Our cold compression wraps for ankle pain relief use ice/heat packs that are held to the wrap with Velcro, so they're easy to detach for freezing and subsequently reattach for your treatment.

Active Wrap products have been through thousands of texts and now carry the Physioquality seal of approval which means that they are used nationwide by physiotherapists and sports professionals worldwide.

Active Wrap products are available from the Active Wrap website and are supplied with a free drawstring bag.