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Posted on October 03 2012

"Hot or cold… this wrap ROCKS…. puts the temp right where you need it… and you aren't stuck where you sit… fit it up and move about your business… while your shoulder is pampered…. used after my shoulder surgery… therapy… etc… highly recommended…"
By: Mary C Brooks on January 23, 2014
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LOVE this ice pack! I had a hip replacement last Wednesday and I was looking for an item that would fit well and stay in place. I was concerned about the fit prior to purchase because I am a larger woman sized 1X/2X, but this fit just fine! It places the ice where you need it the most...right over your hip, it doesn't fall off or slide off compared to other items I have tried. Hospitals should at the very least recommend this item to their hip replacement patients, if not just carry them. The hospital ice pack was ridiculous! So happy with the purchase, I couldn't say enough good things about it!!
By Jennifer on October 1, 2014


"This wrap is awesome! I've had numerous knee surgeries to include two total knee replacements on the same knee. I'm no stranger to icing my knee. After trying several different ice packs and an ice cooler/machine to ice my knee, I found that this wrap works the best. The wrap is made of a neoprene type material and fits securely and snug around my whole knee allowing the ice to cool my entire knee at once. I can stay stationary and elevate my knee or be mobile with the wrap on and it stays secure and is comfortable. I use it at work, while driving or just relaxing at home. I was skeptical at first because of the price, however once the wrap arrived and I saw what it was, how it worked and how it was constructed, I was completely happy. It comes with two ice packs and a travel bag. Well worth every penny. One small criticism is the Velcro closures are starting to show wear and fray from the constant use but other than that this wrap is incredible!"
Karen (California)
 - September 5, 2014

This review is from: ActiveWrap Hot and Cold Knee Wrap (Sports)
"Well worth the money! I also purchased the shoulder and back wrap - love them also. The stretch fabric and the hook & loop fasteners make this a great choice. can't go wrong with their line of products. Recommend highly."
M. Gustafson (Central WA United States)





-- I injured my knee and was diagnosed with a bucket-handle meniscus tear. Very painful. After exhausting my freezer's ice supply, including bags of frozen vegetables, I started looking for a better solution.

Before deciding to go with this ActiveWrap product I read a lot of reviews. I also asked my orthopedic surgeon for his advice. After looking into similar products the selling points that ultimately convinced me to go with this ActiveWrap were as follows:

No mess, no leaking reusable packs
Compression straps large enough to be "spiraled" for focused compression
Velcro easy self-fastening design
Heat/ice packs that could be positioned/targeted
Pack gel thick enough not to "push away" from the compression point
Lightweight and comfortable

This ActiveWrap meets this criteria and really helped in my recovery and pain management. I bought the ActiveWrap Hot/Cold Reusable Compress Therapy Large Replacement Ice Packs (2) 7x10 BAW004 and recommend adding these extra packs if you plan on using this for extended periods of time. Even now that I have recovered from my meniscus tear ordeal I still keep a couple of these packs in the freezer to have them ready just in case they're needed.

I also like that these packs can also be heated. I haven't used them as heat packs as of this writing but it's nice to know that they can perform this double duty.

This was a great purchase and really improved my quality of life during my recovery.

"A special thanks to the team at ActiveWrap® for sending me an elbow ice wrap while I was injured. It made icing a lot easier and more convenient than ever during my recovery!″ 

October 4, 2014
Sam-I-Am (Chicago, IL) - Amazon Customer.



 ““A special thanks to the team at Active Wrap for sending me an elbow wrap while I was injured. It made icing a lot easier and more convenient than ever during my recovery!””


Matt Dominguez- Florida Marlins


"As a professional football player it was my job to run hard and keep my body in the best shape possible. Today it's my choice. I use ActiveWrap to prevent and treat the injuries that come along with being an athlete. ActiveWrap provides comfort and adjustability to keep you on top of your game."

Roger Craig Pro Football Player
3-time Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP
Avid Marathon Runner


"We trust ActiveWrap to assist in the injury prevention and care of our elite athletes in all five disciplines. USA Gymnastics appreciates the support of ActiveWrap in providing products that enhance our training on our athletes." 

USA Gymnastics Organization


"The ActiveWrap is a hit. The Players really love it."

Scott Trulock, Pro Football Athletic Trainer


"The ActiveWrap shoulder is by far the easiest and most comfortable way to ice down the shoulder. The athlete can slip it on without the trainer and go. Our staff trusts and uses ActiveWrap with all our aspiring young QB’s"

Steve Clarkson, Renowned Quarterback Coach, DreamMaker Academy
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"As an Olympic athlete I depended on Activewrap to help my ailing body parts from one competition to another. Now as a Physical Therapist I advocate the use of ActiveWrap to my patient's because they are exceptionally easy to use and very effective at addressing almost every body part."

Robin Beauregard, PT
Olympic Silver & Bronze Medallist Water Polo



"The quality and versatility of ActiveWrap has made them a permanent fixture in my training room. Athletes get better cryo-therapy with easier application and more comfort than any other method I've tried over the years."

Mike Hannegan, MS, ATC,CSCS,CES,PES
Athletic Trainer
St Louis Blues Professional Hockey



"Alternating ice and heat in the early phases of a frozen shoulder is a safe and excellent way to reduce your pain and stiffness; especially when used in conjunction with The Niel-Asher technique®. We have sourced a number of specialized shoulder ice packs and found the finest shoulder wrap on the market. The ActiveWrap will deliver heat and ice in one wrap on either shoulder."

Simeon Niel-Asher
Founder of the Niel Asher Technique to treat the Frozen Shoulder


"We have been using your ActiveWraps regularly for years. The flexibility of ActiveWrap allows us to issue them to patients with great versatility. The products has been proven durable, comfortable and effective. We couldn't be more pleased with your products and service."

George S Young
Doctor of Physical Therapy, OCS



"ActiveWrap is an innovative approach to cold/heat treatments. Patients find it easy and effective to use. I give it my full recommendation."

Patrick Le, MPT, CSCS 



"ActiveWrap is an integral part of my chiropractic practice. Its versatility enables me to treat various types of injuries. Also, the portability and effectiveness of all ActiveWrap products have increased patient compliance significantly."

Raymond Oca, DC
Excel Wellness


"We have conducted various clinical trails and investigations on ActiveWrap. We have found these wraps to be an effective form of cryotherapy in the treatment of Achilles tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis and Ankle Sprains. I would highly recommend this product."

Andrew Einhorn PT, CSMT, EMT 



"I have been very pleased with the ActiveWrap. I like the compression it provides and the ability to manually position the soft ice packs for specific treatment areas inside the support."

Devin Wu M.S., PT
The Stone Clinic, San Francisco 


"People come into my office with products all the time. ActiveWrap was the first truly innovative product I have seen in a while. My patients who need it love it."

Peter S. Wadhams DPM
So Cal Foot & Ankle Institute 



"The Knee Ice Wrap I ordered arrived the day before I was released form the hospital following my knee replacement. I've been using this excellent product (much better than the one used at the hospital) ever since I returned home. I've owned quite a few ice wraps and this one is by far the best. My only disappointment is that I didn't order additional ice inserts. Thank you for your excellent service."

Tom M 


"We received our ActiveWrap back wrap and want you to know how much we appreciate it. I was prescribed a support by my spine specialist at the Cleveland Clinic which I couldn't wear because it was too painful so they recommended a softer support. The ActiveWrap low back wrap was perfect as I wear it without the gel pad inside without any pain or discomfort."

Melissa M 


"This is the best item like this I've found. Most cold packs never get/stay cold enough--this one does. And the wrap is terrific, allows you to put it on whatever part of your foot is ailing. Beautifully designed and functional."

Griffin B