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Patented Heat & Ice Packs Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997

Heated Back Wrap/Ice Pack for Back (All in 1)

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ActiveWrap Back Heat & Ice Pack| Reduce Back Pain and Swelling

The All-in-1 ActiveWrap® Heated Back Wrap/Ice Pack for Back features extreme comfort and adjustment.  Complete with a large reusable heat & ice pack and a soft body hugging back support wrap. Features Active Medical Plush™ fabric to lock in the body's natural warmth when used for soothing heat therapy, while insulating and keeping the cold in during cold therapy applications.  The ActiveWrap® Back Ice Wrap | Back Heat Wrap demonstrates superior quality compared to typical back ice wraps or foam fabric ice wraps. This is a low profile wrap that can be used as  mild support when worn (without the ice pack) under clothing and during sport, such as golfing etc.  This is not a rigid or stiff back support.

Choose the ActiveWrap Back Heat and Ice Wrap with an additional large hot/cold pack in the drop down menu (Item bawb008c, bawb009c or bawb010c).  This will give you a designated pad for heat and a pad for cold use, which is ideal for hours of continuous relief.  These quality pads are unlike anything on the market utilizing our non-migrating composition (See ActiveWrap® Advantage) and our new DLP design. 


Complete back pain relief system includes:  ActiveWrap back compression wrap, 1 Large 7" x 10" hot & cold pack, protective nylon cover, and drawstring storage bag. * New XL features a 13.5 x 9" hot and cold pack for increased coverage

Available in:


  Xs - Md 


 Waist 34" and under  (complete with  7"x10" pack)

  Lg - XL  


 Waist 34"-50"  ( complete with 7"x10" pack)

  * NEW XL plus      


 Waist 36"-54". (Extended coverage w/ Larger 13.5" x 9" pack)

Product Specifications:

Xs - Md Support Measurements - 40" x 7.5" wide (at center back)

Lg-XL Support Measurements    -  46" x 7.5" wide (at center back)

"New" XL Plus Support Measurements - 52" x 9.5" wide (at center back)


To reduce back pain and swelling in an easy comfortable method at home or in the clinic.

Lumbar Sprains - Back Muscle Strains - Thoracic Sprains - Strains - SI Joint Discomfort - Post Surgical Disc Injuries - Sciatica - Piriformis Syndrome - General Back Muscle Soreness - Back Spasms & Stiffness - Arthritis - Pregnancy Support - Menstrual Discomfort - Postural Awareness.

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