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Shoulder Ice Pack Wrap and Frozen Shoulder Pain

Posted on May 22 2023

Those of us who have experienced a stiff or frozen shoulder know the importance of reducing inflammation and increasing range of motion to the joint.

The sooner we can relieve the stiffness, the sooner the pain will subside. However, movement at the shoulder joint is often very painful when injured and quite unpleasant due the overall design of this excessively moveable joint. Along with the many movements that the shoulder can produce comes equal opportunity for pain to be experienced.

The ActiveWrap® shoulder ice pack is an ideal asset in reducing shoulder pain while performing therapeutic range of motion activities. The ActiveWrap® shoulder ice pack wrap helps to block pain receptors in the joint without restricting movement. Exercises such as overhead pulleys, shoulder wall climbs (for increased flexion), internal/external rotational stretching, pendulum swings are all easily performed with the ergonomic sleeve design of ActiveWrap® cold wrap for shoulder injuries in place.

The included reusable ice packs are super flexible and conforming so the patient does not have to fight increased resistance of a rock hard ice bag atop their shoulder. Rehab professionals, next time you have that tough shoulder case, consider an ActiveWrap® Shoulder Ice Pack to boost their R.O.M (without pain killers). Our cold wraps for shoulder injuries just may be what the doctor ordered.