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Post Op Knee Ice Wrap | Long Duration Ice Packs by ActiveWrap®



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Hours of cold therapy following knee surgery in an all-in-one,custom compression knee wrap. A simple way to reduce knee pain relief without having to rely on opiod pain medications or cold therapy machines. Fantastic for post-op knee surgery pain and swelling.  This knee wrap is equipped with our long duration 2hr+ reusable ice packs.

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  • ✔️DESIGNED BY PHYSICAL THERAPY PROFESSIONALS - This knee ice pack delivers long lasting continuous cold just like expensive cold therapy ice machines. The combination of our wrap and ice packs drives cold deep with maximum skin contact for maximum knee relief.
  • ✔️BUILT FOR COMFORT AND MOBILITY - Ease your knee pain, swelling and injury while staying mobile with our knee ice pack wrap. Enjoy the ability to move about without being stuck in bed tied to a machine for cold therapy. Patient compliance is key. We make it easier and more comfortable to use thus we can achieve excellent healthcare outcomes.
  • .✔️ALL-IN-ONE KNEE WRAP - Use the ActiveWrap® Long Duration Knee Wrap for continuous cold therapy with compression. After a few weeks, move to our lightweight heat and ice packs for more versatility. ActiveWrap® is customizable giving optimal coverage around your knee. The ice pack for knees also has dual pockets to easily control and adjust the desired temperature and shield your skin.
  • ✔️STAYS COLDER LONGER - The ActiveWrap long duration ice pack delivers a solid 2hrs + of cold therapy per application..on a single freeze. The 2 knee ice packs have a leak-proof proprietary flex gel that doesn't spread or push away while in use. So, the target area gets a more consistent therapeutic temperature. Packs also provide the dual benefit of heat therapy through the use of microwave or hot water heating.
  • ✔️LEFT AND RIGHT KNEE SUPPORT - The knee wrap is universal and  fits either knee. You also have the flexibility to adjust the weight and number of ice packs you use at one time to further customize your needs. 
  • ✔️MORE COST EFFECTIVE THAN ICE MACHINES - No need to rent a unit for hundreds of dollars a week or even buy! Most machines are used for 2 weeks then tossed in the closet to take up space and never be used again. Conversely, the ActiveWrap Knee is portable and easy to use for years to follow...all at a fraction of the price of expensive machines.

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