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Shoulder Ice & Heat Wraps/Packs For Shoulder All-In-One Shoulder Pain Relief FSA/HSA Eligible

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ActiveWrap shoulder wrap provides relief for rotator cuff pain and frozen shoulder patients. If your looking for the highest rated and best shoulder ice pack on the market look no further. ActiveWrap is an ice pack and a heat wrap all-in-one for shoulder pain! The ActiveWrap shoulder wrap is designed for injury specific adjustment and full mobility during usage. This heat wrap for shoulder pain provides maximum comfort for any size shoulder and easy self-application. Our ActiveWrap® shoulder wrap is the best fitting ice pack for shoulder pain on the market! Featuring unique rotator cuff strap design, the shoulder wrap surrounds the shoulder, driving the cold deep to where you need it most. Stick it in the microwave, and it becomes a heat wrap for shoulder pain treatment! Our ice packs for shoulder pain are a must have for rotator cuff injuries and excellent post workout or sports recovery shoulder soreness.

The ergonomically designed shoulder heat and ice pack for shoulder pain delivers lightweight, conforming hot/cold therapy to all areas of the shoulder. Every wrap is outfitted with two pockets that hold our uniquely formulated heat and ice packs. ActiveWrap ice packs are the coldest and most comfortable ice packs on the market with an average cold duration of 40 minutes on a single freeze! 

Full one year warranty and a real support staff ready to help you.  Washable and latex free.

*The DLP design of our heat and ice shoulder wrap allows you to control your degree of cold therapy by simply choosing your pocket.

FSA/HSA Eligible

Make sure to grab an extra set of LARGE ice packs to compliment your shoulder pain relief wrap on your way to checkout. Choose this right in the drop down menu.

Technical Specifications :

  • Includes the ActiveWrap® compress sleeve and two LARGE reusable heat | ice packs measuring in at 7" x 10" each. 
  • Uniquely formulated "no flow" heat | ice pack that prevents the pack from bunching or pushing away from the injured site.
  • Dual 6" rotator cuff straps drive cold therapy deep to exact areas of the shoulder providing maximum coverage where you need it most.
  • ActiveWrap shoulder ice wrap is made of ultra soft medical plush material with smooth lycra lining and trim that creates the shoulder sleeve design for comfort and easy application.
  • Smooth vented lycra blend underarm offers great stretch and comfort.
  • Plush-prene chest strap fastens, stretches and adjusts at both ends to fit snug for a wide range of sizes. *Use 2 straps together for XXL chest sizes.
  • Lycra trim and strong flat-lock stitching are featured throughout the entire shoulder ice wrap to alleviate chaffing or irritation.
  • Latex free, washable, and reusable. 
  • Shoulder ice pack fits perfectly on either left or right shoulder.
  • Best combination of shoulder ice pack and shoulder heat pack. 
Small-Medium (bawsh10)
(Chest under 40") Compare to Sm-Md T-Shirt Size  
Large-X Large (bawsh11)
(Chest over 40-52")  Compare to Lg-Xl T-Shirt Size
Post Op Open Sleeve "Call us to Order 866-880-9777"


* Between sizes?? We can also customize your wrap with a different size chest strap by adding one with your order. 

*ActiveWrap also has an open sleeve shoulder ice pack for after shoulder surgery and shoulder pain relief. This is for patients that may have limited mobility or in a sling after shoulder surgery. Give us a call to learn more about our ice pack for post-op shoulder pain (866)880-9777

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