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Patented Heat & Ice Packs Designed by Physical Therapy Professionals Since 1997

Heat | Ice Packs Med Size

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This MEDIUM ice pack size is designed for use with the ActiveWrap® Lg-XL Elbow

Professional cold therapy unavailable at the local pharmacy.  Our unique non-migrating ice packs deliver the smoothest heat and ice treatment on the market today.  These thermal packs are unexpectedly soft and flexible.  Use in the microwave, hot water, or freeze in the freezer to give you total versatility of use.  Our elastic, stretchy formula eliminates bare spots found in competitor's ice packs.  All ActiveWrap® packs are non-toxic and virtually leak proof.  FDA Registered.

This MEDIUM ice pack comes complete with: 2 reusable heat|ice packs and 2 nylon ice covers

Measures approximately 6"x 9" end to end

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